(Exterior Only)

All things exterior, wheels & windows


(In & Out)

  • Interior- Floor mats, Dash board, cup holders, interior windows and door jams.
  • Exterior - Standard Hand wash, wheels cleaned, windows cleaned and our special wax applied


(Engine Wash)

Engine Wash



Shine in the dark

Monthly Membership

For $80.00/month Become a member now and get 3 car washes a month, Half off any of our ( SILVER ) detail packages, invite a guest or purchase a gift card and they pay your rate. Contact us to join now. Offer is limited to one vehicle, one License plate !


Convenient. You won’t have to fight traffic or make time to visit our shop. We visit homes, businesses & everywhere in between throughout PA, NY, NJ and surrounding areas.

Affordable. Our rates are reasonable because we believe that a clean car is a way of life not a luxury, although we do charge more than a typical car wash.

Reliable. We offer a weather warranty with all our detail packages, What does this mean ? well if it rains or snows the day after your detail with us we will give you a free wash EXTERIOR only.

Safe. We use the best quality products & equipment, safe on all surfaces of the vehicle ask us about our steam cleaning option which is the safest, for we do not use any chemicals at all just water for those whom are fully eco cautious